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Princess Cadance is featured in the chapter book  Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell . The book tells the story of Twilight Sparkle after she'd been made an Alicorn and seeks advice on being a princess. She turns to Cadance, who tells her life story, how as a baby Pegasus she was found in the woods by Earth ponies , who took her to their village. When she grew up she reversed a love-stealing spell cast by a pony called Prismia. Prismia wore a magic-enhancing necklace that amplified her evil and jealousy, but when Cadance confronted her, the necklace amplified Cadance's love. Once Prismia changed her horrible ways, Cadance was surrounded by magical energy and transported to a strange place where she met Celestia, who adopted her as her royal niece.

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Super Dad.
The star of this 85th birthday centerpiece is Dad. xa5 Almost anyone can create this bold and colorful table display.

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Isn 8767 t it funny how when we grow up we start to like things we absolutely hated when we were little? Although I still have some things that haven 8767 t made it over to the 8775 like 8776 list yet, lol! Thanks so much for visiting and hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

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The Princess Twilight Sparkle toy came with a comb, four barrettes and a crown. When her cutie mark was pressed, Twilight could talk, sing, move her head and blink. Also, her horn and wings could light up. Twilight stands much larger than other Pony toys, approximately feet.

In a 7558 sketch for the series bible, Twilight's cutie mark resembles those of Moon Dancer and earlier My Little Pony generations' Moondancer counterparts. Her name follows the same pattern as Sunset Shimmer , Starlight Glimmer , and Starbeam Twinkle.

Princess Sparkle was sold under the name Princess Amethyst in the UK, while the pony was the same as the US release the accessories were different, most notably she came with a Baby Dragon rather than a Bushwoolie.

This is a UK variant of Princess Amethyst with a 'glow in the dark' mane and no tinsel. She also has a translucent yellow flower with a red centre on her rump instead of the metallic medallion seen on 'regular' Princess Ponies.

Looking through the glass.
It's always a good idea to make use of what you have. xa5 Here, favorite stemware becomes a candle holder when turned upside down. xa5 Adding unexpected extras that reinforce the party theme or decor is a pleasant surprise. xa5

In Celestial Advice , Cadance appears at Starlight, Trixie , Thorax, and Discord's medal-awarding ceremony. She also appears in a picture on Twilight's mirror here and in Fame and Misfortune and A Health of Information. In A Flurry of Emotions , she and Shining Armor ask Twilight to babysit Flurry Heart while they attend an art show hosted by Shining Armor's old royal guard friend Spearhead. In A Royal Problem , she appears dancing in a dream bubble as Princess Celestia views the dreams of everyone in Equestria. In Once Upon a Zeppelin Cadance joins the Sparkle family for a zeppelin cruise they won in a contest, only to find out that the cruise has been set up as a paid experience for ponies to spend time with her and Twilight.

Simple with bold impact.
The color choices used in this party tablescape are unique and compelling. xa5 The extra large balloons make an extra large statement.

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