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Opus Domini is a desktop organizer for your Mac. What sets this application apart from other calendar and to-do list applications is that the user interface is designed to look exactly like a paper agenda. From the second you open Opus Domini you know that this application is serious about organization.

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An important advantage of working with Opus Domini is that it allows you to synchronize the data entered on the Mac app with Opus Domini Mobile Pro and the other way around.

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There are other tabs that you can switch between as well. There is the master tasks tab that will be your primary tab for editing your tasks and calendar events. Then there is the compass tab. This tab is interesting because it is a dedicated section to help make you healthier. It will essentially remind you when you should be exercising and dieting. The next tab is the goals tab which very simply allows you to create goals. It also shows you a calendar so you can see when your goals are supposed to be accomplished. The last tab is the mission tab. This tab is a place where you can write down personal and business values that are important to you.

Transfer Data from Opus Domini to Opus One : Piso13

You may want to check out more software for Mac, such as Opus Domini Lite , Opus One Lite or Fuse , which might be related to Opus Domini.

In the very busy schedules, planners act as a boon in simplifying the aspect of time management . It is the best way of organizing all your important schedules and make it sure that you don’t miss any of the events.

A personal management app that is as near to perfect as it is possible to be - a triumph of ease of use and interface design.

This app not only reminds you of your day to day schedule and important appointments but also remind you about any future important tasks or goals.

You will be finding many such e-planners on the web, but what make OpusDomini stand out from the rest is its advanced design and also the extreme simple user interface that makes it easy for everyone to handle.

The built-in search tool makes a useful addition to the program's collection of features as it helps you find any calendar entry within moments.

Another brilliant feature of OpusDomini is the inbuilt weather tracker that tell you about the outside weather condition so that you can plan accordingly and take prior preparations for that and if the level of importance is not so high, then you may call it an off.

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