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In the Network Configuration section, you must configure the AAA client entry that correspond to the access device that grants network access to the user to use a variety of RADIUS that supports the attribute that you want sent to the AAA client.

Radiator Radius Server – Freecode

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Cool Solutions: NTRadPing RADIUS Test Utility - Novell

Visit the FreeRADIUS GitHub page for the "git" repository of the FreeRADIUS server. Other projects are accessible through the FreeRADIUS GitHub project page.

Radiator RADIUS server - OSC

You can issue the debug aaa all enable command in order to see the sequence of events that occur during authentication. Here is sample output:

In particular, it might be desirable to allow a port to be placed into a particular VLAN, defined in IEEE , based on the result of the authentication. This can be used, for example, to allow a wireless host to remain on the same VLAN as it moves within a campus network.

Radiator is fantastic.
Having worked with Radiator for over 8 years I can only reiterate all of the positive comments about this product that have been made before me.
Flexible, powerful, scalable and extensive.
I had a recent problem with tacacs functionality and I was delivered a patch within 67 hours - what a turnaround and unheard of with any other product.
Note that this is the only time I have found a bug. Normally I am seeking support to help me to understand alternatives and options that I have not yet explored.
A great product with very responsive support.
Keep up the great work.

By checking the "CHAP" checkbox, you may force NTRadPing to issue authentication requests with a CHAP password instead of a default (PAP) password.

This free and open source software is one of the most popular RADIUS servers in the world. FreeRADIUS can be setup on an old desktop tower to serve anywhere from a dozen to a few hundred users, or it can be installed on appropriate servers to support up to millions of users and requests. FreeRADIUS is designed for running on Unix, Linux and other Unix-like operating systems. You can find it in the repositories of most Linux distributions installed easily or manually compiled on most others. By default, FreeRADIUS has a command-line interface, and setting changes are made via editing configuration files best suitable for IT professionals with Unix/Linux experience. The configuration is highly customizable, and because it's open source you can even make code changes to the software.

The ACL-Name attribute indicates the ACL name to be applied to the client. A summary of the ACL-Name attribute format is shown here. The fields are transmitted from left to right.

ACS cannot offer partial support of IETF. Hence, when you add a Cisco Airespace device (into the Network Configuration), it automatically enables all IETF attributes. This table gives the Cisco Airespace attributes supported by Cisco ACS.

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