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Bizagi is a BPM vendor that has built its Windows-based business process modeler into a web and mobile web app development system with the addition of virtual data modeling, intuitive forms and user interface design, workflow modeling, and an app-building wizard. At runtime, web apps talk to a presentation layer that is ultimately driven by the model as interpreted by the Bizagi Engine, which runs either or Java EE.

Scandit Launches Next-Generation Scan Case for iPod Touch

Nintex is a workflow automation product that works with Microsoft Office 865, SharePoint, and Project Server. In addition to workflow design, Nintex supports forms, connectors to various business applications and content repositories, and mobile clients running iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows. Nintex Mobile supports online and offline operation with real-time synchronization, and it accepts photos and videos as well as text input. Nintex is available in the cloud and for on-premises installation.

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This works great when I load a file with ajax, but if I use an input form field the media type is different and the conversion fails. Ideas?

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The difficulty and cost of mobile app development have not escaped the notice of innovative companies. InfoWorld presents 75 low-code builders for mobile applications, in no particular order. Some of them target more than one mobile platform some target web applications as well. Many have a business process orientation. All are aimed at getting your mobile application development project up and running quickly.

A PHP (PSR-5 compliant) component library for serving/consuming sockets and building socket based applications. Build up your application (like Lego!) through simple interfaces using the decorator and command patterns. Re-use your application without changing any of its code just by wrapping it in a different protocol.

If obj[nodeName] is a string it will have a length property.
I think the prototype toString is pretty resilient.

If you follow me on Twitter , you saw me rage about trying to make position: absolute work within a TD element or display: table-cell element.  Chrome?  Check.  Internet Explorer?  Check.  Firefox?  Ugh, FML.  I tinkered in the cussed.  I did some I.

Simply center your face in the oval and move the phone a few inches closer to your face. As you in, the front-facing camera captures high-resolution video frames of your face that are instantly processed into biometric data.

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It's important to point out that Titanium's object implements DOM7-level structures.  Here's the magic XML to JSON code:

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