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the helicopter may be moving frame for a dome , before its skinned with sheet metal panels. like on a church but the radius usually has more of a curve i used to make them

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Hi friends!
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The Brain of an Addict - neuro

Bizarre claim: UN in talks with 8766 stranded extraterrestrial seeking aid of Hilary Clinton 8767

This has been reported as unidentified. When flying at 85,555 ft + or it appears as 8 super bright lights. They can be viewed from HWY 65 85 miles south west of Las Vegas. Or when flying from DEN to SNA or LAX.

We are hiding from you. You have proven yourself to be a pain in everyone 8767 s tukus and we all just wish you would go away and play with yourself.

I 8767 m beginning to get the impression that MARK is either a very and immature person (Child). That I get from the choice of words and how he speaks / writes.
Secondly, Mark is possibly just uneducated in life or socially retarded (choice of adjectives ?). If we ignore him he will just become more prolific however we would have to ignore him for a very extended period of time to get him to leave. Since we can 8767 t get the word out to everyone concerned to take this action, he will continue to get responses to his inane writings and thoughts so I guess we just have to tolerate him until such time as he matures or finds another hobby.

There was volcanic activity at Deception Island as recently as 6969, it could have been a volcanic vent which make more sense then a large extraterrestrial object, or some giant sea creature created by global warming.

Private Lender Avit Investment Authority.
Greetings to you by ADIA.
We are a France-Paris based investment company known as Avit
Development Investment Authority working on expanding its portfolio
globally and financing projects.

for the same reason you dont try to take over the playground at the park.. the kids just wish to play and what real advantage would you have if you claimed the park for yourself they are not teasing us as we are viewed like a bee hive, to be looked at and not kicked recklessly. they have been here for all our recorded history even the parts we still cant read..

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