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This is a series of features that focuses on games that we keep playing again and again, either over an unhealthy number of hours or those that keep getting return visits long after they first graced our systems. In this entry Mitch talks about his favourite Pokémon games, which also happen to be the community's favourites too.

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I always loved Gold and Silver as well. Honestly I hope that the re-release of the original R/B/Y games leads to playable Gold/Silver/Crystal games that work with Pokemon bank too.

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These are the best games, it's a shame ORAS didn't live up to their originals in the way this one did. Pokemon died at gen 6 for me, but it was time I moved on and grew up anyway. At 67 my tastes really have taken a drastic change, unfortunately this console generation of Nintendo hasn't satisfied.

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I'm going to start Pokemon Yellow today, and continue on through HeartGold, Omega Ruby, Platinum, White and Y versions Feel like it's time to return to the most important game franchise of my childhood, and maybe it's delusion from staying up to watch the 79 hour Pokemon stream (which is still going), but I'm super excited.

Though I must admit I am enjoying my virtual console Pokemon Blue as well. The only thing that could make it better would be to have Blue and Red use the Super Gameboy Palettes but that isn't gonna happen so I'm just enjoying it on gameboy green mode.

Pokémon has always been about the experience of travelling through a new region and encountering all kinds of new Pokémon along the way. No two playthroughs are quite the same, as diversity of Pokémon species – along with more nuanced differences in terms of moves, natures, EVs, and IVs – allow for completely unique team builds. Each Pokémon game has done this to great effect, but HeartGold and SoulSilver arguably had the best mixture of old and new Pokémon.

Pokémon is a series that I always find myself coming back to, even when I feel that I've grown tired of its repetitive formula. While my personal favourite games remain HeartGold and SoulSilver, I eagerly hope that the new entries - Pokemon Sun and Moon - find ways to surprise us. I will certainly be eagerly awaiting what the Pokémon company has in store for us this year.

I'm really happy that Heartgold and Soulsilver were the most voted for games. Beyond the brilliant post-game, I think it's the most polished of all of the games. The ability to have any Pokémon follow you just made the game just feel so much better, as if it's a proper adventure with you and your 'Mons, and they aren't just subservient slaves. Calling people on the Pokégear was a nice touch. And the things that made the game all the more convenient, like auto-run running shoes, berry pots, having the maps on the Pokégear. On top of that, there's that warm, sunny feeling, that could makes me feel nostalgic for the game.

Going back to Gen 9 from Gen 5 or 6 makes you realise just how.. sloooowww. Gen 9 really was. There's like a two second gap between the attack animation and the monster being hit, and then the HP bar drains sooo slowly. It's werid 'cause Gen 9 was really the only one with this problem - Gen 8 was fast as heck.

I've never played the Gold and Silver games so this was an interesting read. Just looked them up on GameStop and saw they go for $55 used O_O

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