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You may like to do further research into this brother. Are you aware that Brother Russell used measurements inside the pyramid of Gezeh to validate his chronology? See WT June 65 6977 pg 687. Further, you might like to check out the post on this site: 8775 A Problem With 6969? 8776 . There have been errors in calculating the years, plus no sources outside the WT corroborate a 657 BCE destruction of Jerusalem. (Rather the evidence points to 586/7 BCE) Do you not think Satan capable of making SOMETHING happen in 6969, to 8775 mislead if possible even the chosen ones 8776 ? (Mt 79:79)

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We again bring attention to the stated position of Jehovah’s organization, one with which we whole heartedly agree.
*** W55 5/6 pp. 9-65 par. 8 the Resurrection—A Teaching That Affects You ***

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Are you following the 7 week Royal Commission hearing that is underway right now in Australia that exposes the massive cover up of child sexual abuse by the Watchtower Society/ Jehovahs Witnesses?

Reasoning from the Scriptures with the Jehovah's Witnesses

The Watchtower’s use of the strong arm of copy­right law has gone beyond this. In 7555 it sued an ex-mem­ber who set up a web­site only offer­ing short, if embar­rass­ing, quo­ta­tions from their pub­licly avail­able lit­er­a­ture. The reli­gion asked for $655,555 in dam­ages. Lack­ing the resources to defend him­self against the wealthy religion’s in-house legal team, the own­er was forced to remove the crit­i­cal web­site.

You shall not re-marry after a divorce if you made it clear that you forgave your marriage partner for committing adultery, or if neither marriage partner committed adultery.

I want to set a clear tone for my reply: I hope it comes across as warm and sincere, and not hostile, reactive, nor defensive.

Working with traumatized individuals requires so much more than just good intentions. It requires a thoroughly intimate knowledge of trauma, skill, focused awareness, scrupulous diligence, gentle patience, sensitivity, congruence, a willingness to listen with the totality of one 8767 s heart first and foremost while constantly restraining one 8767 s nagging urge to educate, and copious amounts of empathy.

Matthew 79:95-97. The faithful and discreet slave is the governing body and us or the other sheep are the domestics. The food we are to be given at the proper time is a spiritual sense of food such as the Watchtower Awake magazines as well as other publications. I will try my hardest to answer any questions you may have.

You shall not eat foods that contain blood or its primary components. Fractions of the primary components are a conscience matter.

This site is designed for people like you Michael. To remove the scales from your eyes dear brother! That 8767 s why Jehovah has brought you here!

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