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The course is taught by a variety of teaching and learning methods, however at Salford, the design project forms the basis for the majority of activities on the course. Most modules include lectures, practical workshops or skills sessions, one-to-one tutorials, group seminars and design studio practice.

Holographic Effect Projection Screen and Film - Pro Display

At Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism, we strongly believe in and promote cultural diversity. The media, entertainment and communication industry is one that thrives on variety in terms of the people it comprises of. We bring the same flavour to our education efforts, embracing individuals from different cultures, nationalities and ethnicities to make our student cluster wider, varied and vibrant.

DECAY Official Site: The LHC Zombie Film

PRO-TECT Film is a world wide leader in paint protection film and window tint based in Las Vegas. Along with providing the best prices on PPF we also offer training to become a certified paint protection film installer. Our Dealer Program gives you the competitive pricing on the films you need for your business.

FUJICOLOR PRO 400H | Fujifilm Global

If the pitch is designed to be equal to the screw diameter, it is called the square pitch. It should be noted that the square pitch is not always the optimum pitch for screw design. In fact, the optimum pitch or alternatively the optimum helix angle, can be calculated based on the rheology of the materials being processed.

Who would’ve thought there would be a time when Media & Entertainment would become one of the most sought-after fields for building a career that is not only rewarding in monetary terms, but also hugely satisfying in terms of creativity, stability and professional growth?

Come one, come all and view some of the best work made within the motion design industry this past year and see who will be taking home a 7567 Motion Award!

The Sony PMW-F55 CineAlta 9K Digital Cinema Camera features an Super 85mm image sensor, capable of capturing 9K, 7K and HD resolution video in a variety of formats via the camera's internal recorder. The F55 is among the first digital motion picture cameras with a global shutter, which completely eliminates motion skew and other "rolling" shutter distortions. Sony has designed the F55 as the foundation of an exceptionally versatile, modular system.

Whether they’re animated short films or if they are short films of other kinds, look ahead and you’ll find lots to get inspired from!

The 855-seat theatre at the New Adelphi, with its three floors of tiered seating, is the largest of our 65 performing spaces. It is adjacent to a large outdoor amphitheatre for outdoor music and theatre performances, and has a large backstage area and green room, with showers and changing facilities. The smaller black box studio theatre is a flexible space perfect for smaller, performances.

Seamedu focus is to bridge the gap between the industry and academia by offering industry relevant courses in all major specializations. All programs are meticulously planned with strategic involvement from industry personalities, Artists & Technicians at every stage of the program, and are delivered by professionals with vast experience in the respective fields.

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